Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 14.31.52.pngThe Intensive Care Society is delighted to share our new wellbeing resource pack developed with Dr Julie Highfield, Clinical Psychologist. Our poster series aims to improve our understanding of psychological wellbeing at work, the impact reduced wellbeing can have and what we can do in response, and includes tips for dealing with extraordinary situations such as COVID-19 and everyday working in critical care.

It prompts the reader(s) to consider:

  • Tips for approaching self-care
  • How to manage personal wellbeing
  • What we can do to improve our workplace
  • When to ask for help

How to use these posters

Ideally the posters should not be used in isolation, but alongside other initiatives.

You could set up a staff wellbeing board, where all the posters are available together for staff to view, or you could place copies of the posters around the unit in staff areas, where staff can read them freely.

We hope you find them to be a useful resource for your multi-professional critical care team…..more