At the peak of the pandemic in 2020, a certain co-chair of a certain foundation (a multinational organisation) was reported to have said that when the Corona Virus Disease (CoViD-19) spread to Africa, dead bodies would litter the street. Seen from the perspective of a continent bedeviled with fragile health systems, one would have interpreted this to be a warning (with good intentions). However, the same co-chair of the same foundation expressed surprise (and apparent disappointment) with the impact of the pandemic in the continent, which was far less than his predictions. Some have lost their trust in that organisation.
Apart from misinformation about the virus, some countries are facing several other obstacles, including, but not limited to: distrust about the sources and motive(s) behind the production of the vaccines, hoarding of the vaccines (in some cases), cultural factors, etc. And if enough is not done early to dispel the fears and suspicions, and address several other issues, CoViD-19, just like polio, may linger on for a while.

“No one is safe until (and unless) everyone is safe.”…more