UHC2030, WHO, and the UHC Partnership have launched a consultation for civil society to provide substantial feedback on the contents of the Handbook on Social Participation for UHC.

The Handbook on Social Participation for UHC will provide specific best practice guidance to policymakers on how to effectively and meaningfully engage with populations, civil society, and communities for policy and decision-making.

The handbook is in an advanced stage of development, and your views would be useful to shape the final document. Currently, you can comment on the overview of five of the chapters through a survey. We encourage people to respond to the English survey in whatever language they choose.

In February, you will have the opportunity to comment on the substance of all full chapters. In February and March, there will also be a series of webinars discussing each chapter.

See more information about the handbook, an overview presentation [], and a link to the survey.  Please disseminate this request widely to your networks.Find Out More

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