GrooteSchuur-2048x1366-1Medical intern Danielle Moulton takes just three things into the hospital with her in the morning: her car key, a pen, and her phone in a plastic zipper bag. The rest of her belongings stay in the car, as her day in the Covid-19 wards of Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town starts.

At work she has a quick cup of coffee and a big gulp of water, knowing that she won’t be getting a break for a while. At the entry to the ward she starts in the clean room, donning her Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). “This is a war that we’re fighting. It sounds super lame, but you’re almost putting on your armour for your battle.”

A full set of PPE includes a hair net, booties, gown, a visor, and an N95 mask “which you end up checking a million times during the day”. This is worn over her medical scrubs. She wears her “corona shoes”, an old pair that she “is not going to miss at the end of this.”….more

Share by Professor Shabir Moosa

Professor Moosa is a family physician in Soweto, Johannesburg. His interests are family medicine, community-oriented primary health care, and health management.