Global monitoring system for action on the social determinants of health (SDH) – web-based consultation

World Health Organization

Further Information:

Deadline: 31 December 2016

Background (consultation Paper) / Panorama (documento de consulta):

The World Health Organization (WHO) is holding a global consultation on its proposed global monitoring system for action on the social determinants of health (SDH). To support submissions on the monitoring system, this consultation paper aims:

To introduce the monitoring of action on the SDH (pp 1-4);

To present the proposed monitoring framework (pp 4-6);

To present the proposed core basket of indicators (pp 6-13); and

To present the rationale and evidence base for the measurement concepts (pp 14-18).

Link to the document: click here

Member States and any other organizations or individuals are invited to comment on any aspect of the proposed framework and indicators that are presented in this consultation paper. However, WHO especially welcomes feedback on the following questions:

– Do the framework objectives cover the pledges made in the Rio Political Declaration on the Social Determinants of Health?

– Do you recommend other indicators – either as preferred indicator or place-holder indicators?

– Do you recommend other data sources for proposed indicators?

Deadline for feedback / Fecha límite para contribuciones:

Please email feedback to by 31 December 2016

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