Two years ago, K4Health and FP2020 launched Family Planning Voices (FP Voices) to document and share personal stories from people around the world who are passionate about family planning. Many of these individuals are providers of family planning. Reading their stories, you can get a sense of how broad their experiences and challenges are. I’ve pasted just a few here:

1. Dr. Fred Yao Gbagbo’s provides clinical care in Ghana. Read (and listen to) the powerful story behind his decision to work in family planning and reproductive health:
2. Emma Maravilla is a community health worker in the Philippines. She talks about her experience using family planning and how that helps her provide care to her clients:
3. Robina Anene is a nurse manager in Kenya, who realized the myths and misconceptions that her clients bring with them when they visit her clinic:
4. Patricee Douglas is a medical intern in Guyana. Read about her interactions with patients and what makes her rejoice:
5. Iga Paul Jembelyambuzi’s is a community mobilizer in Uganda. Read about his work sharing information about vasectomy with his community:

I encourage you to keep these stories in mind through this discussion ­ and to read more at You can even search for service provider ( )  to read a range of stories from those providing essential FP services daily.

Sarah Harlan

HIFA profile: Sarah Harlan is the Director of Learning & Partnerships with the Knowledge for Health Project (K4Health) at Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (CCP), US.