Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 10.34.19.pngThe response to the Covid19 pandemic has concentrated largely on the novel way this virus is interacting with the human body, symptomatology, management options and complications. Methods to control patient presentation to our health facilities, have caused considerable change in health care facility access.

While all this important work is going on, routine healthcare needs to be delivered. There is also a new range of mental, social and physical health problems that have arisen, which the first contact doctor will be called to manage. This demand on the family doctor, may present in the context of health facilities that are not always meeting the standards for infection control, patient flow, maintenance and personnel logistics and personal protective equipment supplies.

The family doctor needs to deliver health care while she/he remains safe (both physically and mentally), which is what this guideline has set out to do….. document below.

Family Physicians of Nigeria Response to Covid19