b_pic-1Practical Action: Pneumonia in children: epidemiology, prevention and treatment

Help to combat the main cause of serious illness and death in children throughout the world

This important book is available from Health Books International at a special price of £15 for use in developing countries.
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Order here: https://practical-action.org/t/10U-6GRVJ-T4LRKW-3QMLQI-0/c.aspx

*Heath book recommendations*

Stepping Stones with Children: Transformative training for children affected by HIV and their caregivers
Order here: https://practical-action.org/t/10U-6GRVJ-T4LRKW-3QMLQJ-0/c.aspx

Stepping Stones and Stepping Stones Plus: A training package on gender, generation, HIV, communication and relationship skills
Order here: ( https://practical-action.org/t/10U-6GRVJ-T4LRKW-3QKFEE-0/c.aspx ) ( https://practical-action.org/t/10U-6GRVJ-T4LRKW-3QMLQK-0/c.aspx )

Healthy Lives for Vulnerable Women and Children: Insights at local, national, regional, and global levels to tackle entrenched health systems challenges.
Order here: https://practical-action.org/t/10U-6GRVJ-T4LRKW-3QKFEE-0/c.aspx

*Life-changing tools*

Accessories from Health Books International: the enormous impact of simple, appropriate technologies. Take a look at our life-changing charts, tapes and spoons.
Shop health accessories: https://practical-action.org/t/10U-6GRVJ-T4LRKW-3QMLQM-0/c.aspx

*New Waterlines issue now online!*

Featuring a must-read editorial on ‘how to do WASH well’; an Open Access article on container-based sanitation; a practice paper on menstrual health in East Africa; discussion of the role of local gov in Bangladesh sanitation services; and a study asking is safe water supply sustainable in healthcare facilities?
Read it online: https://practical-action.org/t/10U-6GRVJ-T4LRKW-3QMLQN-0/c.aspx

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