Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 07.41.45CHW Central has just launched the second in its feature series on tools for CHW programs: Delivering Digital Educational Content for CHWs on a Global Scale, By Michael Bailey, Magnus Conteh, Siobhan Kelley, and Dr. Chomba Sinyangwe of Last Mile Health’s Community Health Academy,

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“The Community Health Academy recognizes that existing approaches to scaling digital health technology on a national scale have failed to yield sustainable results. The key to success is the recognition that the platform and the health-related information it conveys should be treated as a global public good  where the common elements of the community health worker curriculum are leveraged to create a digitally based global curriculum that can be adapted, localized, and updated by individual governments.  The question the Community Health Academy poses to the HIFA community is whether the global community – including governments, civil society, global institutions, and other partners  — is ready to collaborate on providing a sustainable process for delivering digital educational content to health workers?

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