There are now several vaccines for COVID-19. All prevent serious illness or death from COVID-19, and all are safe. You probably won’t be able to choose which one you get, but the differences among them have not proven to be meaningful. The sooner you get vaccinated with any of them, the sooner you will be protected. Getting vaccinated also slows the spread of the disease.

The vaccines use several methods to make your body recognize the COVID-19 virus and then build protection (“antibodies”) to fight it. The vaccine is usually injected into muscle (the upper arm is often easiest). If a second dose is needed to fully protect you, depending on the vaccine, that should occur 3 to 12 weeks later.

None of the vaccines can make you sick with COVID-19.

Vaccines are safe and effective

Vaccines work. You and many people you know have been safely vaccinated against many illnesses. Because of vaccines, some illnesses that used to harm or even kill people, such as polio and smallpox, are now rare or have disappeared completely…Readmore