Six Health Clubs established as part of Chiawelo Community Practice had launching general meetings to establish leadership formally. The objective is to have them form the core of a Community Forum, meeting with Prof. Moosa and team monthly starting 2nd week Friday in Feb. These Health Clubs currently meet almost daily in church halls and double garages, engaging in exercise (stretching/strengthening), aerobic exercises and socialising. CHWs also do health education there. There is strong ownership with clubs having their own T-shirts and caps, and grand end of year events. CCP is hoping to establish weekly cooking classes in the clubs with the donation of stoves. This morning the group was educated by medical interns on mental health. CCP also explored the possibility of these clubs doing an hour a week of rehabilitation and support for mentally ill patients in the community. The leadership of the clubs will explore operationalising this and other things, like forming cooperatives, exploring food gardening as well as arts and crafts.