Two out of every five GPs in the UK intend to quit within the next five years – the largest proportion on record, The Guardian reports that government-funded research shows. A survey of 2,195 GPs in Englandundertaken in late 2017 found that 39% were likely to leave “direct patient care” by 2022. That compares to 19.4% in 2005 and 35.3% in 2015.

Overall 27.7% of respondents said there was a high likelihood of them stopping seeing patients, and another 11.4% said the likelihood was “considerable”. A higher proportion of male (46.5%) than female (32%) GPs said they planned to quit. “The all-time-high figure of 39% of GPs who say they intend to quit within five years is particularly worrying in terms of the possible implications it might have on recruitment, retention and patient care”, said Professor Kath Checkland, a co-author of the study. ….more

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