We are not experts but we have read some of the publications and fact sheets on Zika and we have identified what we think are the most important 10 messages on Zika for children to learn and share. We tried to express the messages in a simple way. Can you let us know what you think?


10 messages for children aged 10-14 to learn and share

1.         Zika is a disease caused by a virus. It passes from one person to another by the bite of a mosquito called the “Aedes Mosquito.”

2.         The Aedes Mosquito bites in the morning and the late afternoon, so people have to be careful all day.

3.         There are people infected with the Zika virus disease in Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific and it is spreading.

4.         In 2016, there has been a large increase of the numbers of people with Zika. Most of these live in South America.

5.         People with the Zika virus disease usually have a mild fever, a rash and red itchy sore eyes, and this can last for 2-7 days.

6.         At the moment there is no medicine or vaccine to prevent or treat Zika. (February 2016)

7.         Prevent mosquitoes biting by using insect repellent; wearing light coloured clothes to cover the body; using insect screens; closing doors and windows; and sleeping under insecticide-treated bed nets.

8.         Zika does not kill, but if a pregnant woman catches Zika her baby can be born with a small head and other problems to the body and brain.

9.         Help stop mosquitoes breeding: empty, clean or cover any containers that you see that hold any water,  however small e.g. pots or tyres.

10.       Help prevent mosquitoes biting young children the sick or elderly.

There is probably a case for another 10 messages on supporting families, babies and children who have disabilities that can be linked to this topic and we would be very happy to link with an expert or expert group on this to review  a further 10 messages.

All our messages are aimed at children aged 10-14 and we believe that most of the time the messages would get to the children via parents, older siblings and educators.

Best wishes


HIFA profile: Clare Hanbury qualified as a teacher in the UK