Covid Livecast Banner copy.jpgJoin a weekly global virtual meeting of family doctors from around the world as they grapple with the challenges of COVID-19 in primary care settings globally. It runs weekly on Sundays at 6pm South African time. Register here. It will also be broadcast on Facebook. Check it on the WoncaWorld Facebook page.

This Sundays panel:

Moderated by Professor Val Wass (WONCA Working Party on Education) and Dr Victor Ng (WONCA Special Interest Group: Emergency Medicine).

With the participation of:

  • Professor Shabir Moosa (WONCA Africa)
  • Dr. Pratyush Kumar (WONCA, WONCA Working Party on Rural Practice)
  • Dr. Joy Mugambi (WONCA Africa)
  • Dr. Kim Yu (WONCA Special Interest Group: Health Equity)
  • Dr. Sonia Tsukagoshi (Vasco da Gama Movement)