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WONCA News April 2018
Following the success of our first Young Doctors’ Movement newsletter, in December 2017, this month sees the YDM second edition with items from five regions. Also this month a young doctor, Veronika Rasic, writes the rural roundup.

The CEO column outlines all meetings that precede the WONCA world conference coming to Seoul Korea in October. More on the conference from Prof Young Sik Kim, chair of the host organising committee, who is also this month’s featured doctor. As the CEO says make your travel plans for what will be an excellent event in a fascinating city”.

Dr Karen Flegg. WONCA Editor.

Featured Stories

From the President: April 2018

I have been to two regional conferences – the East Mediterranean Region congress, in Kuwait, and the IberoAmericana cumbre and conference, in Columbia – as well as visiting Algeria to attend a high level summit organised by the local member organisation. In Kuwait City, I visited the Al-Yamouk Clinic

From the CEO’s desk: Arrangements for Seoul 2018

This month, the CEO reminds everyone of the arrangements and timetable for Seoul, and encourages everyone to make their travel plans for an excellent event in a fascinating city. There are multiple events before a WONCA World conference – WONCA Executive, WONCA Regional Councils, WONCA World Council, WONCA Working Party meetings, Special Interest Groups meetings, Young Doctors’ preconference. The culmination is the WONCA World conference.

Policy Bite: Universal Health Coverage

Amanda Howe writes: At present, the big discussion at the World Health Organization is about Universal Health Coverage (UHC) – but we also need to say what we expect this to mean in practice.

Rural Roundup: Veronica Rasic, co-chair of Rural Seeds writes

Dr Veronika Rasic is a GP trainee and co-chair of Rural Seeds, a group of young doctors and medical students with an interest in rural practice. Veronica recently authored a blog entry on the Transformative Education for Health Professionals. The subject of the blog entry is “Connecting Future Rural Healthcare Workers with Rural Communities”

Young Doctors’ Movement news – April 2018

As a new initiative, WONCA’s Young Doctors’ representative on World Executive, Ana Nunes Barata (Portugal), is coordinating regular news from our seven region Young Doctors’ Movements. Not every region’s movement will always provide news. This is the second of these newsletters.

Young Sik Kim speaks about WONCA World conference 2018

Prof Young Sik Kim, who is this month’s featured doctor says a few words about the coming WONCA 2018 World conference. Early bird registration ends March 31, but you can still get a bonus transport card.


De la Presidenta – Abril 2018

Fragmentos de Politica – la Cobertura Sanitaria Universal

Reto de seguridad del paciente de la OMS: “Medicación Sin Daño”


De la présidente : Avril 2018

Feature Stories

Family Medicine in the World –Amanda Howe’s keynote

Member Organisation New

Irene Maglonzo reports on successes in the Philippines

Rob Dijkstra – interviewed on The Netherlands’ health system


Free access: Placements in the community for UG education

MRCGP (Int) South Asia Grant

Research award for presentations at WONCA World conference

Featured Doctor

Prof Young Sik KIM


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