Below is an extract from WHO’s Global tuberculosis report 2020, published 14 OThe COVID-19 pandemic threatens to reverse recent progress in reducing the global burden of TB disease. The global number of TB deaths could increase by around 0.2–0.4 million in 2020 alone, if health services are disrupted to the extent that the number of people with TB who are detected and treated falls by 25–50% over a period of 3 months. In India, Indonesia, the Philippines and South Africa, four countries that account for 44% of global TB cases, there were large drops in the reported number of people diagnosed with TB between January and June 2020.

In line with WHO guidance, actions that countries have reported taking to mitigate impacts on essential TB services include expanded use of digital technologies for remote advice and support (108 countries including 21 high TB burden countries) and reducing the need for visits to health facilities by giving preference to home-based treatment and providing TB patients with a one-month supply of drugs (100 countries including 25 high TB burden countries)

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