Sky-high medical negligence claims are forcing obstetricians out of private practice – so much so that the gynaecological society has warned that there won’t be any left in the private sector by 2020.  Medical insurance premiums are rising steeply, making it impossible for many doctors to stay in business. This year private-practice obstetricians had to pay R650000 in medical insurance premiums and this is expected to hit R850000 next year, forcing more of them to stop delivering babies and work only in gynaecology.

The SA Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists suggests that about 50 obstetricians quit helping women give birth this year, leaving about 450 obstetricians in the private sector. They need to charge a minimum of R13000 a delivery to cover their costs, including rent and staff, but medical aids pay them less than this. About R5000 of the fee is to cover medical insurance…..more