Screen Shot 2019-12-13 at 17.33.20.pngRHAP envisages a health system in which rural communities access equitable, quality healthcare services.

When RHAP uses the term ‘rural’, we use it in relation to rural health access, characterised by:

  1. Geographical remoteness and long distances between levels of care;
  2. Typographical features that hinder physical access to healthcare, for instance, mountainous landscapes and poor road conditions;
  3. Low population densities;
  4. High cost of service delivery due to lower economies of scale and more expensive travel to facilities;
  5. Difficulties to recruit and retain health care workers because of distance from amenities like shopping malls, internet services, gyms etc;
  6. Often characterised by higher levels of deprivation than urban areas, compounded by intra-district variations in access to care.