The European Forum For Primary Care invites you to the webinar: Working together towards Integrated Primary Care. This webinar represents a great opportunity to witness an interview between two influential primary care leaders Jan De Maeseneer and Sally Kendall (actual and future elected chairman of the European Forum For Primary Care) that will drive the audience towards a journey in their careers and will raise the importance of primary care and the challenges of integrated care for shaping the future at a global level.

Primary care is the first level of professional care in Europe, where people present their health problems and where the majority of the population’s curative and preventive health needs are satisfied. It is widely believed that a well-developed system of primary care has beneficial effects on the health care system as a whole. As a consequence, systems with a strong primary care level appear to be better able to control costs and have better health outcomes.

However, a growing and changing society, financial constraints, changing health threats, workforce developments and technological advantages, have bring new and different challenges for healthcare systems in Europe,  including primary care. Jan and Sally will exchange reflections and values on primary care from a personalized view to the system.

Date : 10 January,2017 (12.30 P.M C.E.T)

Registration : (max 100 participants)

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