Thank you for attending the Y-ACT, Youth in Action webinar series on the ‘Hidden Secrets of Successful Advocacy’ that took place on October 29, 2020. Your contribution was invaluable and we are pleased to have hosted you together with youth advocates, champions and organizations drawn from over 10 countries in Africa and around the world! The webinar sought to galvanize thoughtful youth leadership on effective advocacy strategies of influencing your key targets and the innovative use of media as a tool for enhanced communication in advocacy. We hope you enjoyed it!

Special appreciation extends to our stellar panelists Lizz Ntonjira and Dr. Stellah Bosire who delved deep into their expertise and experiences to share with us foremost gems in their advocacy journeys, as well as our amazing team of moderators, Dorothy Aseyo and James Karongo!

We at Y-ACT remain committed to providing platforms for meaningful youth engagement that address the challenges in gender and SRHR priorities for youth through elevating their voices, skills and inclusive participation to shift local, regional and global policy landscape.

The Webinar recording is available here.


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The Y-ACT Team.