Webinar COVID19 in Africa 2020-07-10 Private Jhb SA.jpgKeep abreast of COVID-19 across Africa. WHO-WONCA Africa-AfroPHC has a weekly joint webinar on Fridays at 4pm (Ghana), 5pm (Nigeria), 6pm (SA), and 7pm (Kenya). Different countries share the COVID-19 situation and the PHC implications with extensive opportunities for questions and answers. The WHO team also joins us.

Johannesburg has become the hotspot for COVID in South Africa. Get intimate knowledge of the situation on the ground in PHC. See Dr. Riyas Fadal and private colleagues share their PHC response in Johannesburg, South Africa on 10th July 2020.

  • Dr Riyas Fadal: Jhb Muslim Doctors WhatsAppgroup and general private GP responses to COVID-19.
  • Dr. Shoyab Wadee: Quick and dirty management of COVID in practices (given referral challenges)
  • Dr Fathima Lambat: Homebased ICU mgmt!
  • Dr Essack Mitha: Support to public sector
  • Dr Fathima Minty-Seedat: Community efforts to address COVID-19, including Masks4All
  • Dr Yakub Essack: links to IMA and the national effort.