Are rumors and misinformation circulating in your community? Have they negatively affected the COVID-19 vaccine roll out or other public health measures?

Rumors and misinformation have been a growing trend throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, their presence online and in social media has affected the perceptions of mitigation strategies, such as public health and social measures like physical distancing and mask wearing. As COVID-19 vaccines continue to roll out throughout the globe, it will be important that communities, regions, and countries monitor and work to mitigate harmful rumors and incorrect misinformation.

Join us July 6 for a live webinar and question and answer (Q&A) session that will connect users to global experts on rumor and misinformation management. Presentations will provide a background into rumors and misinformation, highlight examples and the effects of harmful rumors and misinformation, overview how to set up rumor and misinformation management systems, and learn from projects that have successfully set up tracking and management systems.

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