Councillor Meisie Maluleke had a Ward 11 Community Meeting. She discussed housing, bylaws (including dumping) and crime (including the set up of street committees under the Community Policing Forum and discussions on drug addiction especially Nyaope from Efavirenz, a key antiretroviral). There were loud claps as the Councillor asked Dr Moosa to provide a report on progress at the Chiawelo Community Practice. Dr Moosa spoke of the increase of Community Health Workers from 9 t0 18 due to revision of the number of families from 2200 in March 2014 to 5500 in June 2014. He urged families to use the practice for all their health needs. He informed of the monthly meeting with the ward committee and the planned community workshop on health priorities. He said that all the items on the agenda affected health.  The community was very grateful and had warm words repeatedly. An NGO from the more affluent part part of Ward 11 (Klipspruit West) provided a lunch, wheelchairs and presents to the old and disabled.