Webinar description: Decision-making at the family level in a context of socio-cultural constraints is a limiting factor and requires more attention in community-based interventions.
In many West African cultures, women are the custodians of customs and ensure its implementation even if they do not always participate in decision-making. This position and the powers vested in women vary between
cultures. In Senegalese culture, the Bajenu Gox, who is the ‘godmother of the neighbourhood’, plays this role.
By Ministerial Order No. 7507 MSP DS-DSR dated 24 August 2010, President Abdoulaye WADE set up a national programme to promote the Bajenu Gox as a social mediator in the communities.
As part of the Canadian initiative Innovation for Maternal and Child Health in Africa (ISMEA), IPDSR/UCAD in collaboration with the NGO AcDev conducted implementation research from 2015 to 2020 on the role of the Bajenu Gox in improving the health of mothers and children and on models for their sustainability and motivation. At the end of the project’s implementation, the edifying results allow us to describe the profile of the Bajenu Gox, its contribution to the health system in Senegal and the strategies for the sustainability of the associations and the care of the Bajenu Gox. Thus, the webinar aims to share Senegal’s experience in developing female leadership that can enable community health actors in other countries to identify community actors with roles and powers similar to those of the Bajenu Gox and build community interventions…register