These are the views of Ugandan Village Health Teams (VHTs) from their Whatsapp group discussions.

Participate in planning meetings

“We want health centres to invite us for their planning meetings as some of the issues discussed during these meetings are of our concern such as community outreaches.”

Transport allowances

“When drugs are delivered at the health facilities, VHTs are responsible for picking them. Makerere University gave us motorbikes, however, they are not enough to be used by the whole subcounty. As VHTs we are only volunteers, we should not use our own money for transport, instead we should be given some transport allowances to help us pick drugs from health centres. If not, then health centres should deliver these drugs to us in our villages.”

Sports activities

“We need to engage in sports activities and will be very grateful if they are organised for us. These activities will bring us closer as VHTs.”

Special attention

“As a VHT I do not want to wait in that long line when I visit a health centre with my patient. Health workers should give us immediate attention when we visit health centres.”

Exchange visits

“We would like to visit VHTs from otther districts in Uganda/ outside countries and learn more on how they operate in their communities. We should also get VHTs from other places to come and learn from us too. However, we cannot use our own money for these visits. We need facilitation.”

HIFA profile: Carol Namata is an Environmental Health Officer at Makerere University School of Public Health in Uganda. Professional interests: Health promotion in communities. carolnamata1 AT