Welcome to our monthly newsletter. Hopefully, in addition to the latest evidence, there are other things of interest for you! The community rapid review system is the one I’m particularly keen to focus on!

Community rapid review system. This is a potentially ground-breaking/disruptive idea and we’d like to invite you to participate and help shape the future. The question we’re looking to answer is ‘Can we use the Trip community to help produce rapid reviews?’. We clearly think we can but read more about it here. We really are at the start of the journey and we’d love you to help us make this a reality. If you’re interested can you send me a new email with the subject ‘Community rapid review’

New upgrades to the site. In case you missed our recent email, we recently rolled out a major new upgrade to the site. For further information click here to find out about the great new changes.

Preventing overdiagnosis. Overdiagnosis is a topic close to the heart of Trip, which is why we’re happy to help publicise this event: The 5th International Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference, which takes place on August 17-19 2017 at the Québec City Convention Centre. And, while on the topic of conferences, don’t forget this year’s Evidence Live.

Latest Evidence. As you know our site has lots of great evidence and we add new content every day. Based on your profile we’ve found the following which should help keep you up to date.

Become a ‘Pro’ user. By subscribing to Trip Pro you get a better search experience (more content and extra features) and it helps support Trip. That’s got to count as a win:win! We’re a small, independent, company and are dependent on support via individuals or organisations purchasing Trip Pro. A personal subscription costs just $40 per year (less than $4/£3 per month) while institutional subscriptions are incredibly cost-effective. So, if you like Trip and want to see it to continue to develop and continue to be independent please consider either option.

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