Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic we have been working to connect people to accurate information and reduce misinformation on our platforms. Last month we announced the biggest worldwide campaign to promote authoritative information about Covid-19 vaccines. We are removing false vaccine claims, reducing distribution of inaccurate health information, and informing people about effective vaccine delivery.
Today we’re launching a new campaign in partnership with the WHO and some of our European fact-checking partners called ‘Together Against Covid-19 Misinformation’. The campaign will roll out to people across the EU, UK, Norway and Iceland, as well as countries across the Middle East, Africa and Turkey, and will show up on Facebook through a series of graphics with tips on how to spot false news:
  1. Check The Source: Scrutinise content, even if it appears science based
  2. Check How It Makes You Feel: False news can manipulate feelings for clicks
  3. Check The Context: Look to public health authorities to confirm content…More