Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 17.28.09.pngIn 2015, the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health (APPG) mapped the UK’s contribution to health globally, showing that it had world-class universities and research, was a global leader in health policy and international development, had strong life sciences and biomedical and biotech industries, and had a vibrant and diverse not-for-profit sector.

In 2019, the APPG looked at what had changed in the intervening time and in the context of understanding the likely impact of Brexit on the UK’s global role in health. We gathered data from published and unpublished sources and interviewed 78 health and academic leaders—half from the UK and half from other countries—about their perceptions of the UK’s current and potential future role. On Feb 6, 2020, the APPG publishes its new report, The UK as a Global Centre for Health and Health Science.