Health advocacy represents an opportunity for physicians and physicians-in-training to respond appro-priately to the social determinants of health, health care inequities, and the needs of underserved popula-tions. To better prepare physicians-in-training, there is a need to identify tangible ways of incorporatinghealth advocacy into medical curriculum.The purpose of this e-booklet is to:
  • Highlight the activities of health advocate ‘champions’, Vanessa Brcic, Jocelyn Chase, HealthyYoung Minds, Tracy Monk, Davedeep Sohi, and Brian Westerberg,
  • Discuss the social determinants of health and provide case examples on health advocacy,
  • Identify relevant literature on health advocacy, teaching approaches, and existing programs.This e-booklet is intended for medical educators, physicians, physicians-in-training, medical students,and other health care professionals interested in health advocacy. Ultimately, this e-booklet seeks to in-form and be informed by the health advocacy activities of readers. Suggestions are encouraged andgladly welcomed.