Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 21.33.45.pngPrimary care is at the vortex of massive change driven by cost-control pressures and reimbursement transformation. Accountable care and value-based care require patients to have primary care clinicians, who are held accountable for managing and documenting high-quality care, reducing medical expenses, and ensuring outstanding patient experiences. However, the technical and practice-related systems that are required to provide comprehensive and proactive care reliably, effectively, and efficiently are not commonplace. Without streamlined systems, most primary care providers are drowning in the “mechanics” of primary care that are required to meet patient care and value expectations, resulting in the development of a slew of unstandardized and inefficient workflows. These collective inefficiencies require providers to spend increasingly more time on administrative tasks rather on actual care, thus further eroding value for patients. ….more