2b884ba5-9c3c-48e3-9b6d-4658cd165b46 The Strategic Purchasing Africa Resource Center provided mentoring and facilitation support to an expert panel at the request of the Kenyan Ministry of Health during recent efforts to reform and re-position Kenya’s National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) as a strategic purchaser of health services.

The expert panel was tasked with reviewing progress made in the implementation of recommendations from previous NHIF reform efforts and proposing the way forward to ensure the NHIF can serve as a strategic purchaser to advance Kenya’s Universal Health Coverage (UHC) goals. SPARC’s Executive Director, Mr. Nathaniel Otoo, served as an embedded mentor to the panel, drawing on his experience leading Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme and from partaking in a similar reform in Ghana, to offer support on how the panel organized its work, its approach to engaging key stakeholders, and how best to translate global evidence and learnings into the Kenya context. SPARC also collaborated with other partners, such as the World Health Organization and Clinton Health Access Initiative, to ensure all partner support to the panel was well coordinated.

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