Family physicians in Gauteng have been tasked since August 2018 to take leadership in clinical governance at district level due to poor performance with key clinical indicators. Dr Jimmy Akii leads in Johannesburg Health District. The family medicine team there have been allocated to lead in each of Johannesburg’s seven sub-districts. Prof Shabir Moosa leads Region/Sub-District D (Soweto). There have been various meetings with managers at sub-district and facility level to uncover challenges. Data from the District Health Information System has been simplified and made more accessible for facility managers with a simple reporting template created to focus managers on these poorly performing indicators.

The ±20 Sub-District Coordinators are meeting monthly with the Johannesburg management team delegated to support them to produce results. There is now a quarterly Sub-District Clinical Governance (District Improvement Plan) Meeting every quarter with the first one held 1st February 2019. It was an opportunity to review progress (see presentation below) and motivate with awards.

Six clinics in Soweto’s 29 Clinics and Community Health Centres were awarded prizes for best performance over the last four quarters and best performance over the last quarter.

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Presentation: Sub-District D Clin Gov Mtg 2019-02-01