Game Pokemon Go Friends Phone Internet PokemonBy identifying the most influential kids in small social media circles, researchers can create positive peer pressure that persuades young people to live healthier lives. Generation Z, or those born after 1995, are digital natives who grew up in a world of constant connectivity. They often see their online and offline lives as one and the same, and may spend as much time, or more, interacting with friends on social media as they do face-to-face. Important habits are also being formed within these groups, ones around eating, drinking and physical activity. This raises the question: what if we could harness the power of this peer pressure to influence adolescents to lead healthier lives? That’s the goal of researchers in the EU-funded SNIHCY project at Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. They have developed the Wearable Lab – a bracelet that can track the activities and social networking of adolescent in small groups – and combine it with a mobile phone app, which includes a game and personalised avatar…..more