Sub-Saharan Africa will have more than 130 million new mobile subscribers by 2025, and 272 million Africans are currently connected to the internet through their phones. Tech Education is Booming: multiple universities in Africa now offer software engineering, computer science and other tech programs that compete with top universities around the world. Technology accelerators are rapidly growing too. Africa is building its own tech economy. Nairobi is home to Africa’s “Silicon Savannah”. 
It is therefore evident that Africa is ripe for Digital Health Solutions, and that the COVID-19 pandemic has exponentially accelerated the need for E-Health; particularly for E-pharmacy, Tele-consulting, Tele-radiology and Tele-pathology platforms and E-Payment solutions, WHICH ARE ALL IN INFANCY in the region. Thus the digital divide. Working with global innovation hubs and through partnership with leaders in this arena, Africa can thrive in its healthcare management and in promoting the vision of universal health coverage…more