Dear all
We are getting close to the WONCA World Rural Health Conference Oct 12-15, 2019 that will happen in Albuquerque, N.M./USA!
We are working with WWPRP and the event organizers to make it more accessible and to integrate a YD/student program. We managed to get:Reduced conference fee of $149 for YD*/students from Low and Middle income countriesFree or reduced fee housing (no more than $38/night) for all YD*/studentsExtended timeline for submitting posters*Just to clarify WONCA defines a Young Doctor  as a doctor in residency training and for the five years after that, or five years from full registration for those who do not undertake residency training. 

In Rural Seeds we have been talking with NRHA and the organizers to come up with a program, we still have place for people participating (and not just YD/students). I will copy our program here. We intend to submit in May 1st, for those that get interested please add your name at the panel and the Speaker information at the end of the document (it is necessary by the website to submit the name of participant to have these data)! 
Panel: Rural Experiences around the world: Student and Young Doctors  (we need more YD/students here!)

Workshop: Social Media in Rural Health (it would be great to have not just YD/students here)

Rural Seeds Meeting Rural Family Medicine Cafe – Albuquerque EditionWorkshop: Mentoring and Mentor/Mentee program in Rural Seeds: connect students and young doctors with experienced rural doctors 

(it would be great to have not just YD/students here)

Panel: Women Working in Rural Health(it would be great to have more volunteers for panelists, please talk directly with Logan:  )

Link to access the activities proposals:

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Mayara Floss