WITH more than 90% of South African dentists working in the private sector, treating only 16% of the population (those who are covered by some form of health insurance), most South Africans are forced to look to the public sector for their healthcare needs.

“Unfortunately, the public sector is under immense pressure and is ill-equipped when it comes to oral and dental healthcare. They therefore focus largely on extraction rather than any restorative procedures, let alone preventative support.” This is according to Nirvada Niranjan, Head of Coding and Nomenclature at the South African Dental Association (SADA) — a leading professional membership body for dentistry and the voice of oral healthcare in South Africa. Niranjan highlights that without the required support and greater oral and dental health education, particularly in impoverished communities, many South Africans remain unaware of the significant importance of good oral hygiene and find themselves dealing with unpleasant consequences. ….more