It took the NHI project eight years from achieving green paper status in 2011 to becoming a bill presented to parliament in 2019. Any project whose implementation affects all three spheres of government, and the private sector must be regarded as massive in scale. Add to this the wide-ranging scope covering a spectrum stretching from public health research to the payment for health services and you have a complex project that requires skilful navigation….more

In-depth: Where we are in the NHI legislative process and what happens next?

This week (22nd Feb 2022), MPs in Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Health will sit for the 25th day of public hearings on the National Health Insurance Bill. This leg of the public hearings started on 18 May last year with around 135 stakeholders who indicated they want to make oral submissions.

According to committee chair Dr Kenneth Jacobs, seven withdrew from the process, stating that their written submissions suffice. Those who have already presented include civil society organisations such as SECTION27 and the Womxn and Democracy Initiative, academics and researchers, statutory entities such as SAHPRA and the Competition Commission as well as professional health bodies such as the Public Health Association of South Africa (Phasa) and the South African Medical Association (Sama)….more

In-depth on NHI: Common themes emerging from parliamentary hearings (PART 1)

On Wednesday this week, it will be the 25th day of public hearings in Parliament on the National Health Insurance Bill since the hearings started in May last year.

Although the committee is yet to deliberate on the Bill clause-by-clause, the public hearings in Parliament so far, have given a glimpse into some of the thinking of the MPs who are set to decide on this important Bill.

Having listened to many days of hearings, we identified four main themes (there are more) that emerged from the virtual oral submissions since May and noted how members of the committee responded to them, hinting at what their party’s approach may be to the many concerns and recommendations. Spotlight also approached MPs representing the various political parties in the committee, but not all responded by the time of publication….more

NHI Lawmakers: Interview with Kenneth Jacobs, new chair of Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Health

NHI lawmakers: Face to Face with DA MP Michele Clarke