Some doctors in Nigeria use candlelight to perform operations due to the dearth of funding for the sector, a medical practitioner told a Senate panel during a public hearing on the 2017 budget.

Business Day quotes Benjamin Anyele, chair, Health Sector Reform Coalition, as saying: “It has gotten so bad that Nigerians are running mental without knowing, nurses use candlelight to assist in carrying out operations.” Arguing for increased funding for the health sector, Anyele decried the dearth of funding for primary healthcare centres in Nigeria, saying “it portends grave danger for national development.”

The report says Nigeria’s 2017 budget allocated N252.87bn ($79.77bn) for recurrent and N51bn ($160.8m) capital expenditure representing a mere 4.1% of the entire budget. This allocation falls short of the 15% agreed by AU countries in the 2001 Abuja Health declaration…..more