Screenshot 2020-07-30 at 07.14.53.pngNervousness over overcrowded hospitals has led to a demand for private doctors to create COVID-19 “wards” in patient’s homes, reports The Times.

Many patients refuse to go to hospital for fear of not seeing their families again. Others have been turned away because of hospitals’ lack of capacity.

Durban doctor Naseeba Kathrada started a COVID home-management team to alleviate stress on hospitals and on infected patients. “We provide support to doctors to better manage their patients at home by assisting with the oxygen concentrators, thermometers, machines to monitor blood sugar and blood pressure levels, the supply of supplements, a laboratory to conduct tests, psychologists, physiotherapists and a chiropractor,” she said. Doctors direct physiotherapists to do mainly virtual home care by helping with breathing techniques. In severe cases, patients are referred to hospital…..more