The new global mHealth compendium has come out, produced by USAID (see the note below), and the direct link is

It is the sixth edition, and expected to be the last. It is worth reading – the intro is a 10 page summary of eexperience (evidence, best tools, best resources, what you need to consider for sustainable scale). Then there case studies of the 10 most significant projects. They are:

– Airtel Insurance (health micro-insurance in 7 African countries)

– Aponjon (maternal health messaging in Bangladesh, part of MAMA)

– cStock (medical supply chain in Malawi)

– iCCM (mobile tool for health workers doing integrated community case management in Malawi)

– Kilkari (maternal health messaging via voice, train community health workers in India)

– mHERO (health worker SMS messaging for targeted care, in 6 countries mainly in West Africa)

– MomConnect (maternal health messaging fully in health system in South Africa)

– mSOS (disease surveillance reporting in Kenya)

– RapidSMS Rwanda (preventing maternal & child death in 1,000 days in Rwanda)

– U-Report (preventing adolescent AIDS through mobile counselling and polling in Uganda).

There is a lot to learn from here.

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HIFA profile: Peter Benjamin is SA director of HealthEnabled, South Africa. Professional interests: Digital health, mHealth, Empowerment through health information. Email address: peter AT