Decisions made today on health policy and resource allocation in response to the novel coronavirus
outbreak (COVID-19) will shape our world for years to come. As countries enact emergency measures to meet the immediate needs of communities and health workers, it is critical to diagnose and fix broader weaknesses in health systems as well. Primary health care (PHC), which can meet more than 80 percent of people’s health needs at every age and every stage of life, must be central to these efforts. Strengthening primary health care now will not only reduce the impact of COVID-19 on the health and wellbeing of millions, but also limit susceptibility to the next pandemic while ensuring the world can one day fulfill the promise of health for all. This document provides members of the PHC community with foundational messages to use in communications and advocacy efforts about how and why countries, global decision-makers and donors can – and must – center PHC as a key component of the COVID-19 response in the weeks and months to come…more