Conference: Date: 05 December 2017 Venue: Garden Court, Eastgate, Johannesburg


Paediatric patients are deemed to be the most vulnerable population group in any medical or hospital setting. Great care and caution needs to be exercised when medication is prescribed, dispensed and administered. In a recent study at one of the academic hospitals in Gauteng, a total of 663 medication errors were detected in 227 patients over a period of 16 weeks. In 67% (118 patients) of the patients, resulted in no harm, whereas, in 33% (59 patients), the medication error resulted in some level of harm.

South Africa’s medical industry is facing an unprecedented rise in medico-legal claims and medication errors that results in some form of harm has been cited as one of the leading reasons for medical malpractice claims. The purpose of this gathering is to allow the research authors to fully unpack the stud; explore current systemic and systematic handicaps that impede the successful delivery of paediatric healthcare. The gathering will also explore the impact of human errors in medicine as well as how medical institutions can improve on quality and risk management. The research authors will be joined by other industry experts on clinical risk management and health systems strengthening.

Medication Errors Symposium 05th December 2017