b0d4f976-039f-46d4-850e-8374ea63805fMedical Aid Films, in partnership with InStrat Global Health Solutions, Digital Campus and mPowering Frontline Health Workers, are working with Ondo State Primary Health Care Development Board, to launch a new tablet-based maternal and child health training curriculum for nurses, midwives, and community health workers in Ondo State, Nigeria.

The 12-week pilot programme supports in-service training for 200 health workers in 18 health centres in Ondo State, by providing high quality film-based training in both English and Yoruba.   Covering topics such as antenatal care,managing obstructed labour and how to resuscitate a newborn, the goal is to scale this programme to all 550 health facilities across Ondo State, training 5,400 health workers who deliver services to 1.4 million women. …more