We would like to share with you Department updates from May 2020
Link to a video prepared by our colleagues Drs. Bente and Lennart who are with the Department through the NGO Tweega Medica based in Mangochi District Hospital. The video highlights COVID-19 response and interviews registrars and staff reflecting on Family Medicine in Mangochi. (13.5 min.)
Pictured above: Registrars, Faculty, and Staff at Mangochi District Hospital. Some of the front-line health workers at the hospital.

We would like to celebrate our registrars and faculty staff who are part of, and support, the front-line staff at the hospital. They were there before this pandemic, are continuing during this season, and will continue to be present in partnership into the future. We are grateful and appreciate the work that you are doing.

We would again would like to acknowledge our friends and colleagues across the world working in the healthcare system during this pandemic, you are our heroes. Please thank a Family Doctor, 19-May was World Family Doctor Day.
Below are some updates from the month of May:

  • College of Medicine Faculty continue the work of developing Emergency Remote Teaching including loading teaching content. The online platform is anticipated to open to students in the coming month.
  • Stakeholders for the Bachelors of Science in Palliative Care held a productive online meeting 19-May facilitated by course coordinator and palliative care champion Duncan Kwaitana. Participants were sensitized to the modular template and plans were made for remote teaching.
Pictured above: Dr John Phuka (seated to the left) addressing the press on new Coronavirus cases
Congratulations to Dr. John Phuka, Dean of the School of Public Health and Family Medicine, who was appointed Co-chairperson to the Malawi Presidential Taskforce on Coronavirus. Thank you for your continued leadership.
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