Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 18.34.05.pngENN is pleased to share a series of case studies produced on multi-sector nutrition programming at the sub-national level as part of our knowledge management work under the DFID funded TAN Programme (supporting learning within the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement).

This series comprises of three country case studies from selected ‘high achieving’ SUN countries with a strong track record in championing and improving undernutrition at a sub-national level in Bangladesh [], Ethiopia [] and Niger []. The country case studies are accompanied by a synthesis document [] that draws out key lessons and builds on a previous three case studies [] conducted in 2018 in Kenya, Nepal and Senegal. A brief video introduces common emerging themes from the 6 case studies [].

For practitioner and policymakers working in nutrition, there is limited evidence and documentation available on how nutrition-sensitive and multi-sector programmes are being operationalised, and how these programmes interact with existing institutional architecture and structures at the sub-national level. Documentation has often centred around policies, strategies and frameworks at the national level and guidance is still fairly generic and ‘top down’.

ENN is planning to conduct a further two case studies in 2019.

Follow the links to access and download the synthesis, and the country case studies in Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Niger as well as taking a look at a webinarconducted on the topic.

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