Over the past few weeks, colleagues (Felicity Goodyear-Smith, myself, Bob Phillips, Andrew Bazemore, Cristina Mannie, and Stefan Strydom) have designed a project with the aim to assess the effect of a country’s preparedness and response to COVID-19, and the strength of its PHC system, on the pattern of incidence and deaths from infection. The objectives are to  describe and compare countries’ pandemic preparedness and response and PHC strength and to explore the relationship between the pattern of incidence and deaths from COVID-19 and countries’ preparedness, pandemic responses and the strength of their PHC. We will also conduct a qualitative analysis on participants’ reflections on their country’s pandemic experience.

This study will capture the state of pandemic preparedness of countries including the strength of their PHC systems, their strategies used to respond to the COVID 19 pandemic, and the country’s outcomes, in particular death rates. Interpretation of empirical data will be augmented by analyses of experts’ stories of their countries’ pandemic experiences. Understanding the impact of a country’s pandemic preparedness, its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the strength of its PHC system on outcomes will be of great value to all participants, particularly to assess and possibly reform a country’s pandemic plan for the future. This initial study may be able to form the basis of further more in-depth research on countries’ potential resilience in responding to a pandemic.

The key to success is many PHC experts from as many countries as possible completing our online survey. We  want to disseminate through our networks and ask people to forward to others who are relevant (a snowballing technique). We are hoping that AfroPHC will be willing to disseminate the invite on our behalf in any way possible (e.g. newsletter, direct email outs) to your membership.

Please find attached a 2 page summary of some of the key findings of our recent study of perspectives of PHC experts on responses to COVID-19 and death rates at a country level. We are pursuing a peer-reviewed journal article with a slightly different focus, but we thought that you might be interested in these findings in the meantime. You are welcome to disseminate in any way you wish (e.g. to AfroPHC, WONCA African Region, etc).

Karen Kinder

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Brief summary of PHC & COVID-19 initial findings