In the month of August, Chiawelo Community Practice (CCP) initiated its first monthly Capacity Development workshop at the Chiawelo Healthcare Centre. The objective of these workshops is to encourage collaboration among stakeholders and the sharing of information by deliberating on primary healthcare re-engineering techniques.

The workshop began with Dr Moosa discussing the health system and how campaigns may be conducted. Thereafter stakeholders were divided into small groups, where they sat with one CCP coordinator to discuss this and give their outlook on the issue. Groups also discussed challenges faced by clinics and possible solutions to these problems; and how the collaboration of the different clinics in the region can strengthen the level of service delivery.

2016-09-25-17-04-16Stakeholders comprised of clinic committees, team leaders, nurses, community healthcare workers (CHWs) and ward councillors.

Dr Shabir Moosa the founder of CCP said, “These monthly workshops came about when we saw the need for reinforcing the idea of the national health insurance (NHI) among prominent members of the community that they might be encouraged to come up with ideas that will better fit the communities they serve.”

Towards the end of the workshop CCP coordinators gave presentations about various health promotion campaigns that they have conducted in CCP . A few of the stakeholders engaged in a debate as the last item for the day about whether or not Clinic Committees were doing their job effectively. The remaining stakeholders also got the chance to give their opinion on the matter, during the Q&A session. Altogether exciting. The Chair of the Soweto District Health Forum was interviewed. Visit Facebook Group on CCP