Dear HIFA and CHIFA colleagues,

This week (24-30 May), in collaboration with WHO we are focusing on the theme of maintaining essential CHILD health services during the pandemic (and beyond).

We use the term ‘child health’ broadly to include (inter alia) newborn health, child health, adolescent health, immunisation, nutrition, child development and child protection…

We are grateful to CHIFA steering group member Oluranti Ekpo and HIFA global country reresentative coordinator Sanchika Gupta, who are providing expert input for this discussion.

Here are three guiding questions – please feel free to address one of these or any other aspect of reproductive health services:

Q1. How has COVID-19 affected the delivery of essential CHILD health services in your health facility or country?

Q2. What has been the impact of health service disruptions on the CHILD health and wellbeing of people in your health facility or country?

Q3. What have you, your health facility or country done to maintain essential CHILD health services?

Together with WHO we are collecting your inputs to create publications on the WHO website to help guide others. We are especially keen to hear from frontline health workers. We invite you to share your comments, experience, observations, publications in relation to this topic. Please send your contributions to and