sdgs_poster_new1.pngLong a concern in high-income countries, health system quality emerged as a truly global priority in 2018. Three major reports [13] and an increasing body of empirical work (e.g., [46]) identified deep and pervasive deficits in quality undermining progress toward the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of health and wellness for all by 2030. Whether this attention translates into effective action in the near future will depend on national leaders seizing the opportunity to change health systems for improved outcomes. How can policymakers and researchers coordinate to ensure that action is informed by evidence and that policy changes are assessed for generalizable insight? To address this question, we gathered leaders in global health active along a spectrum from generating insight in individual studies to making policy that affects millions of individuals and present some of their thoughts here. All have identified health system quality as a key element of progress; each brings a distinct perspective on what change will require in their country or context. As those setting the agenda in countries from India to Mexico, how do they see the future for health system quality? What is needed from the research community to accelerate progress towards improved health? …. more