Climate change is already one of the greatest threats to health across the world, and organizations working in the field of international health cooperation are challenged to deal with the climate crisis in two ways:

We need to critically reflect on our own contributions to the climate emergency , extending the “do not harm” principle to the planetary boundaries and to the ecological footprint of our work. And we need to extend the scope of our work to address, and transform, the broad converging fields of health, socio-economic injustices and climate change – at the level of people and their lives, emanating diseases, ecological degradation and national and international policies.

Bring along your stories and realities, on Thursday, 29 April 2021,at 15.00 to 18.00 hours CEST.
We will share our plans. Then let us talk.

Workshop organized by:
Carlos Mediano, Federation of Medicus Mundi Spain
Remco van de Pas, Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp…Register here.